This Is Me

Hi, I’m Despina!

When I was a kid the story about how we should help the old granny cross the street, must have really struck me. Because I was enjoying being the “helping hand”. I was dreaming of a better world and I was determined to do my part for it.

I started my journey as a volunteer, I continued as a founding member, I served as a Board Member and I grew up to become an employee, and a consultant. Always asking myself “how can I make the world better today?”.

I believe that if I want to make every day the world better than yesterday, I better start with myself. So, when I am not working, you will probably find me combing the wide web for new trends and innovative strategies, reading a book on the beach, solving logic-based puzzles like a maniac, traveling, and exploring new cultures and unknown territories.

What my experience has taught me is that every nonprofit (no matter if it is at the beginning of their journey or has long before put out to the sea) needs tree things. Even if one of these things is missing, your boat may be in danger of sinking.

So no matter in which part of your journey you currently are, make sure that you follow them:

My 3+1 S’s
  • Spark: everything starts with a dream, a vision, and a goal
  • Shape: make a plan, built your strategy, form your vision
  • Share: put your nonprofit out there, and let people know you and your story

Follow these, so you can reach the +1 S, your ultimate goal, the Swift: the embodiment of your vision, your long-awaited change in the world and in the lives of other people.

Just keep in mind one last thing:

If you want to impact people,

make sure that you tell

The Story Of Your Heart!

Despina Freri

Until next time, keep dreaming, keep inspiring, and keep creating!

Despina Freri