The Story Behind

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The Cherry Trees…

If you have visited places DC, China, or Japan around springtime, there is a pink and white flower that seems to dominate every spot of your eyesight.

Cherry blossom is celebrated as the symbol of the beauty of life, and rebirth. It is considered to bring optimism, hope, and new dreams. A flower that blooms, spread its beauty to the world for a while, only to fade out a few weeks after until next spring, when it will be reborn in an infinite cycle.


When I first moved to DC, I was surprised to see that everything was covered with cherry blossom pictures: mugs and pencils, magnets, and notebooks. Even my SmarTrip card had the cherry blossom on it.

Coming from Greece, that was something unique for me, but it turn to be my symbol for the beggining of new eras, the rebirth and the hope.

…and the nonprofits!

If you think about it, a nonprofit in their core is the embodiment of a vision. “I dream of a world with no cancer”, “I dream of a world that everybody is equal”, “I dream of a world that noone is hungry”, “I dream of a world that we peacefull coexist with every other creature”.

Nonprofits are being created to mark a new era, and to bring new hope in our lives. And no matter how many times it will take for them to advance their cause, they die and reborn in an infinite cycle. Just as the cherry blossoms…